Hotel Reception Manager developed on Qt

Within the framework of the course “Software Engineering II – Laboratory” (Department of Informatics and CommunicationsT.E.I of Serres) we developed as a semester assignment an application for the management of hotel businesses.

Both the graphical user interface (GUI) and the application were implemented with Qt while the database in SQLite. More specifically, the end user can perform through this application functions such as: processing of customers / rooms, booking rooms, search rooms / customers, inventory of hotel services offered to customers, central management for the correct operation of the hotel, central management of the cost of services provided, as well as adding new users and system administrators to the system.

The development methodology we followed for the development of the application was the Unified Proccess.

In this project my role was as ‘Project Leader’ and my job was to organize 13 persons of doing their specific work, basic system analisys – uml diagrams and operational units. I also participated as a developer several times giving solutions for major problems.

Special features of the application:

  • Portability across many operating systems ( Because of Qt )
  • Use of lightweight SQLite database system ( Without any background server running)
  • Use known design patterns
  • Object-oriented approach for the design of the application ( MVC )
  • SQL Injection security ( On data forms )
  • Use of W3C CSS to GUI objects to format them
  • Full documentation of source code using Doxygen
The project is under the GNU licence and you can get it free.

For more information you can get the project ‘reception‘ itself.