Simple piezo piano using Arduino

It’s time to make some noise, ok musicians friends who have an Arduino board and some time to spend, I’ll show you how to build a very simple piano using a piezo for playing sound.

Our piano is gonna have the basec 8 notes : ‘c’  , ‘d’,  ‘e’,  ‘f’,  ‘g’, ‘a’,  ‘b’,  ‘C’ so that’s what we need to create this :

– Arduino board

– Piezo (for sound output)

– 8 buttons (one for every note)

– 8 Resistors (for the buttons)

– 10 Cables

The circuit connectivity :

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Arduino Game Pad part 1

All gamers have a dream to create their own game and make money with that (or just playing it), in this post I’ll show you a very simple arcanoid-type game but playing it your you own gamepad.

Ok I’ll not create a game but a gamepad, it still cool! The gamepad I’ll make it is based on arduino board  and ATMEGA328 microprocessor. In this part I will show you the hardware side and in the next part I’ll connect this to the “game”.

First of all what do we need :

– An Arduino board

– 3 buttons (for left – right – hit)

– A piezo (for sound when you hit)

– 9 Cables (to connect the components)

– 3 Resistors ( for the button’s potential)

– And on vibrator , I take it out from a ps2 gamepad, and I used “durex vibrating ring” before, yes I did. ( It vibrates when losing)

So the circuit connection is the following :

(Click image for full)

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